Long-Haul Trucking

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Owner OperatorOwner operators and small fleet owners face a risk management challenges that require skilled insurance coverage and assistance. At All-American Insurance, we understand the challenges faced by trucking industry professionals.

  • Commercial Auto Liability
    Operating in interstate commerce requires different liability limits. We offer both Motor Carrier and Truckers Coverage forms, depending on your needs and where you operate. Comprehensive liability protection is one of your most important assets in business solvency.
  • Non-Trucking or Bobtail Liability
    When operating your truck bobtail, without freight or off-dispatch, liabilities can still arise. This important coverage provides protection against accidents that occur outside the normal course of your trucking route.
  • Occupational Accident Coverage
    While workers’ compensation coverage typically covers employees, occupational accident coverage offers critical protection for owner operators. This coverage provides accidental death and dismemberment, accident medical and accident disability.
  • Contingent Liability
    This coverage helps protect employers against any liability associated with the injury, disability or occupational-related injury of an independent contractor or owner/operator working on behalf of that employer.
  • Physical Damage
    Returning damaged vehicles back to the road and avoiding downtime is one of your most important tasks after an accident. We offer a variety of options in risk retention deductibles and can help you choose among carriers for those with a reputation for strong claims handling.
  • Cargo
    We provide a variety of cargo options to help you manage cargo, freight issues and mechanical breakdown unit failures.

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