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 Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation InsuranceMany business owners see workers compensation insurance as a necessary cost of doing business, or a tax, and nothing more. These business owners don’t recognize the competitive advantage available to them by working proactively to reduce their workers comp premiums and the costs of losses.

All-American Insurance Agency wants to help you achieve this lead against your competition. The amount you pay for workers comp is based on a rating of your loss history called the experience modification factor, mod or x mod. Almost every business has room to improve their workmans comp x mod and, in turn, save costs on their workers comp insurance premium and total overall costs.

Experience Modification Factor

All-American Insurance Agency delivers complete mod factor analysis to identify what losses are affecting your current experience modification rating, the lowest your mod could be and the amount of money in between the two that you could be saving. We can pinpoint cost drivers, such as frequency or severity, and develop specialized loss control solutions to address your business’s specific workers comp needs.

I would like to share my expertise and show you more about working with the x mod through a free x mod analysis and consultation. This analysis will provide insight into the potential cost savings and opportunity of working to optimize your x mod.



Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Workers’ compensation coverage pays medical bills and wage obligations to employees who are injured while performing their job duties. Employers, in most states, must pay the required legal benefits due their workers. Each state’s statutes determine the costs.

Part One

Pays medical expenses, wage loss and other items required under your state’s workers’ compensation laws.

A Workplace compensable employee injury must occur.

Costs are awarded without regard to employer’s negligence.

Part Two

Is employer liability coverage when employees not covered by Part One / Workers’ Compensation are injured.

Part Two provides protection against possible suits from injured employee.

Workers’ compensation costs continue to climb and changes to state laws often require broader coverage. Finding a specialized workers’ compensation insurance agent can help control your costs and can help protect an employer against employee-related liabilities.

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